An ever changing business environment demands modern, agile, flexible infrastructure. Legacy attitudes to acquisition, capacity-planning, deployment and availability are already beginning to restrict business’ ability to compete.

Driven by Innovation, Digital Transformation, and external pressures, the Speed, Agility and Availability of Infrastructure, as well as the ease of managing it are becoming ever more important to allow today’s Enterprise to succeed.

MBA IT’s attitude to Modernising the data centre aims to give you the tools to provide flexible, highly-automated, easily managed applications on-demand with a manageable TCO that it is within your business’ reach.

Our approach considers existing infrastructure, hardware and software assets and exposure; business-specific needs plus overarching business and technology strategy to recommend solutions that support your goals over an extended timeframe. Our analysis often shows value in technology investment vs. infrastructure maintenance/amortisation, giving you the tools you need today to enable business growth through a tangible commercial rationale.

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Traditional? Hyper Converged? Cloud-based? Businesses face a difficult balancing act -  Server Infrastructure needs to deliver the performance and flexibility required to take on the competition, whilst carefully managing the TCO and offering predictable scalability. How do you sweat the existing investment where it makes sense, whilst ensuring you are capturing the benefits of more flexible converged and hybrid approaches?

We start by understanding the business and its broader strategy then work collaboratively with your team to find the established and emerging options that will give the greatest chance of commercial success.

Want a sanity check that your current arrangements are optimised for your overall strategy? Want us to help you improve performance and agility, and offset this investment through a lower TCO? CTA

Why use our service?

  • We’ll help you to find the right solutions rather than just selling you more of what you have used before

  • We always give a range of options and are unbiased in the recommendations we provide

  • Being obsessed with service, we do all the detailed checking to get it right first time

Why choose MBA IT?

  • Enjoy the optimum solutions to match your current and future data requirements

  • Take advantage of our optional services like pre-delivery configuration and installation service and support

  • We are flexible, agile and really care about the technology we recommend and deliver


The revolution witnessed in Compute Virtualisation left traditional storage solutions looking comparatively archaic, inflexible and expensive as Business demand for performant and available applications has increased; meanwhile File Data has continued to generate exponentially as regulatory requirements for security and retention have put pressure on IT budgets and people.

Recent developments in Software-Defined Storage (incl. Public Cloud) represent some of the most exciting changes to IT Infrastructure for decades, resulting in dramatic improvements to manageability, scalability and TCO and opening up options for convergence and simplification of environment.

MBA IT have a range of consultation and assessment services that can help kickstart your journey to data centre modernisation. Speak to a member of the MBA IT team to arrange an initial conversation with our Storage Pre-Sales Team.

Core Networking

Are network capacity and reliability issues slowing down your business?

Digital business places relentless demands on Networks so capacity and reliability issues are often the source of business challenges. Taking a step back to analyse and invest in a well-designed and fully optimised architecture makes sense. When you add in security, resilience and scalability considerations, as well as the increased requirement for business agility, you need a partner that can help you anticipate the changes and make the right decisions.

Take advantage of MBA IT’s experience to help you plan, source and implement network solutions that will provide the platform you need to support business effectively now - and in the future.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

No matter the defence, things always find a way of going wrong and you should always be prepared for that eventuality. The Software-defined data centre revolution has transformed Backup and Disaster Recovery. Strong in-line Deduplication and Compression technologies, Software-based redundancy, Synthetic Full/Incremental Backups, DR scripting/orchestration and more have meant that the nirvana of Continuous Data Protection is no longer the preserve of those with IT Budgets large enough to support the infrastructure and connectivity to allow for expensive proprietary SAN-based site-to-site replication.

Modern Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions don’t even necessarily require physical premises and infrastructure due to the improvement in support of IaaS offerings and as a result deliver much better RPO and RTO, with much greater potential for ROI.

Even if you prefer to keep your Backup/DR in-house, you should speak to MBA to discuss our application-centric approach to Business Continuity to ensure that you are taking advantage of the best available technologies for your business. CTA.

Integrating Public Cloud

“All-in” with Public Cloud is simply not a viable strategy for the typical MBA Customer. By the same token, it is becoming increasingly rare to encounter a customer for whom “All-out” is any more sensible a stance.

As one of AWS’ first Consulting Partner’s and Channel Reseller Partners in the UK, MBA were early to understand the opportunity of Public Cloud, but also the potential pitfalls and necessary cautions of migration/adoption. In the past 5 years we’ve seen various degrees of integration of Public Cloud across all verticals and have also helped businesses scale and mitigate license compliance risk, whilst maintaining control of costs in a world that doesn’t deal in amortisation or absolutes.

Speak to the MBA Team to understand our migration and optimisation methodologies and to help understand how to make Cloud work for your organisation.